tiistai 3. maaliskuuta 2015

Welcome to Meanwhale blog! I used to have some pathfinder programming stuff here, but I decided to reset this blog as it became obsolate. I will explore crazy pathfinding methods later!

Now I’m working on a RTS/RPG/building game, featuring antique 8-bit graphics! It’s still in alpha-kind-of state and now I’d like to get a lot of feedback to figure out how to proceed with it.


  • Play it on browser, preferably with a mouse (HTML5/JavaScript)
  • Tutorial integrated to a story
  • Control multiple units RTS-style
  • Explore dungeons, slay monsters and find treasures
  • Farm, build a village, and gear up your soldiers

  • There’s already a lot of stuff to do, but everything is badly balanced, as the design is still changing. I’m trying to keep it rather too easy than too hard so that you can at least see what’s in the game.
  • No proper ending. There’s a limited amount of caves to explore and that’s it! Still working on it…
  • No saving.
  • Cover and story art is still placeholder (borrowed).
  • Plus many others…

Some future plans
  • More buildings, war machines, fishing, stuff to plant and bake and cook
  • Trading treasures, bakeries, mercenaries...
  • Raising pets (farming or fighting)
  • Developing weapons, tools, and magic
  • Missions in other lands
  • Continuous storyline, glimpses of the game world history…

The game has been inspired by games like Nethack, Dwarf Fortress, and Starcraft. I try to keep it easy to approach, entertaining, and fun for even non-hardcore gamers, but  not at the expense of depth, complexity, and longevity.

Play Defender of the Stonewall